Focusing on all matters related to Pa Estate Law, Pa Estate Planning, Pa Estate Administration, and Pa Estate Taxation, Philadelphia-area Attorney John B. Whalen, Jr. details the services he offers, and his blog gives visitors more information on various topics related to estate planning, administration and taxation. Mr. Whalen provides a full range of services for wills: drafting, review, amendment, revocation, execution and probate. He provides reliable guidance for testators and executors. His experience in the probate court, resolving issues related to the validity of wills, enables him to provide practical advice for testators from all walks of life. Similarly, his work in the formation of wills gives us keen insight into how executors should interpret various aspects of a will that may initially seem unclear. Whether you are a testator formulating an estate plan or an executor implementing a decedent’s wishes, John B. Whalen, Jr. Esq. can simplify many complex aspects of the tasks before you. I offer pertinent and personal legal advice to obtain the results you need in a timely manner with the least stress possible. Once executed, your will remains your final statement of your intentions until you amend or revoke it. I recommend reviewing your will every three to five years and updating it to reflect your current wishes.

Pa Estate Planning

Planning Ahead is Important. For the average person, all of these documents can seem confusing and a bit overwhelming. Estate planning attorney John B. Whalen, Jr. can help you decide which documents you need and how best to plan ahead so that your wishes are carried out.

Pa Estate Taxation

Attorney Whalen is well-versed in the United States Tax Code and helps clients understand it and make the best decision for their situation whatever the size of their estate.

Pa Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is an emotional experience, and Attorney Whalen takes over the process, guiding the estate through probate, helping the beneficiaries understand the inheritance tax. Estate administration can be a complex and lengthy process with many bumps in the road. If you suspect your rights as a beneficiary are being challenged, you should seek the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney immediately. Attorney John Whalen can explain your rights and all your available options.

Pa Estate Litigation

When estates become complex, the case sometimes has to go to court to be resolved. When that happens, Attorney John Whalen provides aggressive representation backed by a firm knowledge of estate law.

Pa Beneficiary Representation

There are many factors that can affect the distribution of estate assets. In some cases, there may be a will that identifies you as a beneficiary; in other cases, there may not be a will at all. In still other cases, there may be a dispute involving the administration of the estate. For example, a beneficiary may disagree with how the executor or personal representative is distributing assets. Attorney John Whalen has represented thousands of beneficiaries during his decades as an estate planning attorney. He can provide the necessary advice to protect your rights in nearly any estate planning matter.

Pa Guardianships

The guardianship process can be filled with emotions. Realizing that a loved one is no longer capable of caring for his or her self can be difficult to accept. That’s why you need an attorney who offers legal services with compassion. For the past twenty-five (25) years, Attorney Whalen has built a reputation for providing compassionate legal care for his clients, putting their needs and interests first while navigating emotionally trying circumstances.